Moto G7 unlocked from Amazon

Hi! any idea if this one will work? It is from Amazon and has Alexa, so didnt know if that would work on Republic Wireless.

Hi @rebeccam.rzusmg
I’m not sure either. I can’t find it’s model number.
Looking through the the Q&A on the Amazon site people give 2 diffrent models#'s for it. One is XT1962-1 (which is the model that will work) and the other was XT1955-5 which is the G7 Power.

Here is Republic page to show you what I’m talking about (and can help in a search for a phone) :slight_smile:

But stand by, there are other Community members that might be able to give you a thumbs up or down :wink:

Thanks for your help!

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Simple answer is yes, the Amazon version of the phone works perfectly with Republic.


Great! Thanks!

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