Moto g7 wont send mms to short code

i was trying to participate in a promotion and was supposed to send a photo to a short code but my Moto G7 android 9 gave an error “cant send mms to short code” using the “anywhere” messaging app - is there a way to send mms to short codes? EDIT I also tried the stock “messaging” app and it would not allow mms to short code either - is this a republic wireless “feature” ? (are NO Republic Wireless phones allowed to send mms to short code #?) is there any workaround or are we (republic wireless customers) stuck?

Hi @thebreen,

Republic Wireless does not support MMS to short codes, as is documented in our Help Center article about short codes.

As far as workarounds, it appears I can text a picture to a short code through my Google Voice number.

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