Moto g8+ supported?

I’m shopping for a new phone now, since I cracked the screen on my moto g5+ yesterday. :frowning:

I see that two of the Moto G8 models are supported (stylus and power).

Is the G8+ with model number xt2019-2 supported?

Hi @bettinab.rjknby and welcome to the Member Community. The model you quote is the International version supported in Latin America and Brazil. RW supports only the North American Factory Unlocked version of any BYOP phone.

Please make certain any phone you are considering for BYOP is supported by installing the Republic Wireless app to check for compatibility or by consulting our Community guidance at How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.

Hope this helps!


Thanks freddyp!

That was a close call! Glad I asked first.



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