Moto-Lenovo poised to discontinue the Moto X line of phones

Moto X5 Cancelled

It looks like the Moto X line was cancelled again. This is a shame as I think the X4 is a great phone. I do hope Republic starts offering more mid range phones from other companies as the Z line is just too big for me and I do not want the expense or need the features in a phone like the Galaxy S9.


lays off up to half of Eng… and cancels X
IDK, maybe just too may phones in the market

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Here’s my 2 cents,

Otherwise than Samsung and apple no OEM is making money on making phones[this includes LG, HTC Motorola, not sure about the other Chinese brands],
The Moto X4 is very close to the Moto Z2 Play in specs so I can see why Lenovo removed a redundant phone to save money [it’s a smart business decision]
Loved my first gen Moto X, it brought Motorola back as a respectable phone maker after lots of under spec also randomly that came before it. As Moto flagship it set a high bar it’s hardware specs where not as good as other flagships but it’s software more that made up the difference, which is something that all the Moto phones have benefited from [very functional midline and budget phones in the Moto G line and Moto E line]
The 2nd gen Moto X was an improvement to the 1st, I do think they drop the ball on not having a finger print reader on the back where the Moto logo was but it was a good phone, I also like the Moto X pure but did not see an need to have it as the 2nd gen was still doing the job, [it fact it was a year old by the time Republic had it as an option may have played into this decision]
I can see why Lenovo decided to move to the Z name with the 2016 flagship as the mods are[were] a grasp at a game changer one that Moto did better than LG, [not having to take apart the phone help] the Z name save it form the uninformed customer who would buy a mod and quest why it doesn’t work on an older version of the phone.
I’m not seeing point of the X4 right now the Z2 is now the flagship, making both the Z2 play and Moto X4 also ran, and the Z2 play at least works with the mods as a downgraded flagship, the only thing the Moto X4 has going for it over the Moto G5 Plus and G5S Plus is NFC [which I would not be surprised it see in the G6 lines]
Lenovo has put itself in a spot it made the Moto E4 so good it really had to up the Moto G5’s till it’s basically then X4 without NFC.
So now the X5 is not being made [this year at least] I will not miss it the Z2 is a better right now and if Motorola stop making phones altogether well Samsung TouchWiz is getting very good and closer to stock and it would not be the end of the world it I had to move to one
That my 2 cents

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Changed title, to eliminate the impression that your Moto X line with RW was cancelled


It’s more than just NFC. The X4 has a true premium build with proper weather sealing (in line with the Moto Z2 flagship) vs the plastic core with metal back plate and nano coating on the G5 plus, better bluetooth with Moto’s wireless sound system (connect up to 4 speakers for multi room audio or you can pair multiple bluetooth speakers together in stereo), slightly better processor and graphics chip, hands free Alexa (great for my smart home – a bulky $150 add on to the Z2 Play), better camera (dual sensor and reviews have pointed out the X4 takes clearer pictures than the G5 Plus, though the G5 Plus has a better AF system), and the base G5 Plus only has 2 gigs of ram which is not enough anymore so one should pay extra for the 4 gig ram 64 gig storage version.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the G5 Plus is a fantastic phone but the X4 has some bells and whistles that the G5 Plus (and the Z2 Play) lacks.


According to a source familiar with the company’s plans,

X4 has a true premium build

Android Police? Tech “news(?)” purveyors are a dime a dozen. Not over 'till the fat lady sings.

Glad you’re impressed with the X4, you shouldn’t need to worry about a replacement for some time and you can always pick up a spare when the prices drop further. By it’s life end there will likely be a new crop of nice mid priced RW phones to take the X4s place.


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To which point were you referring to, “According to a source familiar with the company’s plans,” or, “X4 has a true premium build?”

So I was getting some points between the G5 Plus and G5s Plus confused. To clarify, the G5 Plus does have dual cameras but the reviews I have read have stated the images are not as sharp as the Moto X4. The G5 Plus is actually larger than my Ascend 5w, which was too large for me. The G5s Plus also comes standard with 3 gigs of ram which should be enough for now. My other points still stand.

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To do comparison to the various phones see Detailed Supported Phone Features that has been put together by the user community.

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Two quotes and two short paragraphs in the same order?

Many of your points are well taken, I would particularly like the IP68 rating. There may not be a tremendous demand for the X4 because many consumer just want what’s popular. Moto said it’s not a flagship any longer, it’s not and the X line may be dropped. If they were flying off the shelves they would likely be planning on a X5. Many of the best products ever made have gone bye, bye.


I can say with confidence they have reached the end of the alphabet.

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