"Moto" notification tone on G6


I just purchased and activated a new Moto G6, upgrading from a G3.

While setting up ringtones and such, I noticed that the “Moto” notification tone on the G6 is different than the one by the same name on the G3.

I don’t like the new one, or really any of the other options. Is there a way I can move the old tone to my new phone?




ok go to the play store and download/install on the phone G3

open it
got to /system/media/audio/
directory, tap it…

you will find the ringtones and notifications tones

at which point you can copy/share/send the one you want, maybe to the google drive if the g3 is still attached to your gmail account

at which point you can download the tone to the g6
then using the total commander on the g6 move it to the folder for notifications

please note: /system/media/audio/ is android system folder and is read only. you will not be able to copy anything there unless you are root…

but there are notification/ringtone/alarm folders that you can…
let us know how you get along with this…


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