Moto One 5g ace vs Google Pixel 4a

If you had a choice between the Moto One 5g Ace and the Google Pixel 4a, which would you choose (and why)?

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Without question, 4a. Camera, Storage, Updates being the three main reasons.


It looks like some versions of the Ace have the same amount of storage as the 4a plus it has an SD card slot so I would give the storage advantage to the Ace, but yes, camera and updates are more important to me than 5g (which I don’t really need at all).

After three months with my 4a I couldn’t be happier. Zero problems. Unless you want 5g It’s hard to beat.


I don’t care about 5g. What I have is fast enough for my needs. I did want a second camera though and I want to be able to switch between apps quickly.

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