Moto one 5g Ace

So no upgrade from Android 10?
And no Wi-Fi calling.

I like the screen size and processor. Camera not that important. Price looks good.

Would this be an advisable purchase. I really hate my small screen. I have a Moto G.

I have been unable to find a reference on the upgrade path for the 5G Ace, but if it is used on the Republic Wireless system it will support WiFi calling.

ETA: I found a Toms Guide Review of the 5G
Near the bottom, it does mention that it will be upgradable to 11, but I would still take that with a grain of salt. Very good comparator of photos (side by side, with a slide so you can split the image in two or move either way)


I think I read that an app was required to download something. Wonder if it was upgrades…

Is it a serious detriment to have 10 for an extended period of time?

I see Republic’s price is $349. but can be found at Motorola for $249.

So can I bring it unlocked to Republic?

The phone, if purchased from Motorola in the US would be eligible for use on Republic Wireless.

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The One Ace is going for $399 on Motorola’s web site. The One Fusion+ and the One Zoom are going for $249.99. Did I miss a sale?

Also, the One 5g Ace on Motorola’s website has more ram and storage than the One 5g Ace on Republic’s website so I would check with Republic before buying it.

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