Moto Phones and sim cards

I am with Republic and I have a Moto E5 which is on its way out so I’d like to purchase a Moto E today. Will I need a new SIM card or can I use the SIM card in my current phone? If I need a new SIIM card, will Republic know enough to send one as I don’t see it in the cart.

Hi @kimb.yqjsou and welcome to the Member Community. Here’s a Tips & Tricks article from one of our other Ambassadors. Has a lot of good information which should help.

This should also answer your question about a SIM card in the new phone.

Hope this helps! Please come back if you have other questions.


Thank you Freddy, I have my new larger phone and the setup was quick and easy!

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You’re welcome! Glad everything set up quick and easy. Enjoy that new phone :slight_smile:

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