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Let me state that I have had NUMEROUS Motorola phones through the years. When the phone quality started going downhill, I went to other brands. When I joined Republic, Motorola phones were the ONLY choice I had. I am satisfied with Republic, but Motorola phones are still garbage. Because of my plan, I HAVE to have the Motorola phones (have plans for both myself and my spouse) and I will never again purchase ANYTHING with the Motorola name. The phones we have are buggy, crash frequently, customer service for the phones is non-existent. Don’t waste your money on a Motorola phone. I’d rather risk a Samsung fire…


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Would you mind describing exactly what you are experiencing? There are people here in the community that may be able to help.


I’ll provide a counter-view. I’m not sure that what you’ve written qualifies as a review, so I won’t strive for that either.

I love Moto phones. We’ve had the Moto G1, G3, G3, X1, X2, X Pure and Z. We’ve loved all of them. They all worked for years until we sold them. In fact we’re still using an X1 and G1, in addition to the G4, years after they went in to service.

The phone are nearly bug-free. The interface is nearly pure Android. The Moto Display function is better than the weak imitations that every other phone maker has created since Moto created the function with the X1.

I strongly recommend Moto Phones to friends, family, and strangers and will continue to do so.


I would agree with @louisdi. I love Motorola phones. Last me years. I like their repair/replacement service to get a screen fixed. Has worked well for me. I love my Moto X Pure. I purchased an S7 Edge for myself to checkout and went back to the Moto X Pure.

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I still occasionally use my 2010 Motorola Droid X, 2011 Moto Xoom, Droid Bionic, and my RW Moto X 1st. Gen is now my alarm clock. My Moto X Pure Edition has been working well on the 3.0 GSM plan since last August. Sorry to hear yours aren’t working out for you, but I don’t think any of mine were a waste of money. I have some Samsungs too, but I miss the Moto features when I use them.

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I would be interested in what the issues are that @debraw.axxxft is experiencing as well.

I personally have had great experiences with all the Moto devices I have owned…(pretty much all of them from the Defy XT through my current MXP., and my son loves his G5+).


“I don’t like these phones” is NOT a detailed enough review intended to reside in this section. I recommend moving this back to General discussions.


OK, here are the problems. Screen goes dark when you’re dialing a call. No reason. Just does. Or, it goes dark in the middle of a call - one with a menu that you have to respond to? Sometimes you can get it back up, sometimes not. The call is gone, either way. Can’t even tell if you’ve managed to reboot, because the screen is dark! I get constant error messages that ‘something is blocking …’ and only voice calls are available. So, I have to restart AGAIN. I try to send text messages, and get an error that it didn’t send, please try again. After 7-8 tries, I shut down and restart the phone again, and THEN the text goes through. If it is directions from someone whose address I’m trying to find, it is quite frustrating. The ONLY good thing about this phone is the camera. Otherwise, i’d just take a hammer to it.

YES, I did contact Motorola when the phone was ‘new’ and I was having problems. They walked me through several steps, and then told me there was nothing wrong with the phone. Really? They are SUPPOSED to do this?


Hi @debraw.axxxft

Really sorry to hear you have lived with these problems for so long. Happy your posting for help, but not sure you are aware this thread is 11 months old.

Please, start a thread and these RW community members will help you sort it out and/or advise you to a course of action.


the poster is getting assistance in this thread Impossible to transfer number because Republic not a REAL cell provider

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