Moto phones on sale at Moto

Somehow the internet figured out I have a Moto X and is trying to sell me a new one. Yesterday I received notice that Motorola is having a big sale on their phones, a good bit cheaper than here at RW. I wonder if RW will match those? I know I could buy one direct from Moto, but I’ve always assumed there are advantages to buying your phone here? Am I wrong about that?


There are advantages to buying from Republic Wireless (phone will likely have the correct carrier SIM card for your location, warranty claims may be handled in a value-added manner). That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with saving some $ and buying from a reputable retailer if you know what you want and need.

Republic does not match other retailer’s pricing

Some, though to me, they’re not deal breakers… @cbwahlstrom has them correct above.

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