Moto plus (5th gen). Lost keyboard, will only do voice to text. How do I retrieve keyboard?

My Moto g5 plus will only take voice to text for everything (texting, signing into accounts online, online searches, etc.). I can’t find how to get it back to using the keyboard. I’m not even sure how the switch was done, since I did not have any intention of using voice to text. Please help me revert to the keyboard mode. Thank you

I pulled out my G5 Plus that I don’t use right now. Hopefully, if you go to Settings, then Languages & input, then Virtual keyboard, then Manage keyboards, there will be a list…make sure Gboard (that’s the stock keyboard) is toggled on.

If that doesn’t work, hopefully someone will come along to help.


If this didn’t work you somehow uninstalled your keyboard and need to reinstall it. You can easily do this from your computer’s browser, at , just select install and then your phone from the list. (if your logged into the same account as the phone).


fixed. Thanks


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