Moto Stylus 2021 5G

Will the new Motorola Stylus 2021 5G be added, is it in testing?

Hi @bb6619,

I’m afraid that’s not a question that Republic will answer until and unless an announcement is made. Republic does not typically pre-announce potential future compatible phones. If/when Republic is ready to make an announcement, it would be done here.

If I purchase the newest Moto Stylus 5G from Motorola which is unlocked, can I bring it to Republic? Should I wait until Republic offers this phone? When might that be?

Hi @march.xaumo1 and welcome to the Community!

The Moto G Stylus 5G is not currently Republic compatible.

It may not be necessary to wait for Republic to sell it at its’ online store but please do wait for an announcement of compatibility before making a purchase. If/when compatibility is to be announced, it would be done here: Announcements & News - Member Community.

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Thank you!


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