Moto Stylus & Moto Power (G8)

I see lots of articles today about new Moto phone releases, what would have been the Moto G8 Power and Moto G8 Stylus, but I guess they decided to stop with the numbers. I have a Moto G7 Power with a cracked screen I’m just trying to limp along - any idea how long RW takes to add a new phone to it’s lineup?

Hi @marilynp,

Sorry to hear that your screen is broken.

There’s no hard and fast timeline. Sometimes the manufacturer has allowed a specific carrier to have exclusive rights to launch the phone for a period of time. Sometimes it takes us a little time to certify the phone can be used with our service in conjunction with each of our carriers, something that varies depending on the level of cooperation we get with each carrier and the phone manufacturer.


I have a similar situation as Marilyn, and would like to hold out for the stylus. I have a BYOP Moto X4 (with RW SIM) Would like to do the same with Moto G Stylus as soon as it drops, if supported by RW. So my question is not if RW will have the phone to sell, but will it be compatible immediately? I hope since it is still a “G” series, that will be the case, but I know that is not always the way it goes… Do we already know if the Stylus will indeed work as a BYOP? If not, will we not know until RW actually has phones to sell or sooner? Thanks!

Hi @keitht.vh1pci,

We do not yet know if or when Republic will support these phones. History tells us, however, if Republic supports them for sale in its online store and/or BYOP, the announcement would be here: Announcements & News - Member Community.

Republic has announced phones supported for BYOP only (without also offering them for sale in its online store) there in the past.

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