Moto upgrade for MotoZ

Has anyone with a motoZ3 taken the latest Motorola upgrade? Am wondering if their have been and glitches with Republic before I upgrade Android. It states you can’t roll back once it’s done.

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I’m sorry to see that no one has replied. I’m not seeing an influx of tickets around the Moto Z3’s latest update. You’re correct that Android updates cannot be rolled back once installed.

Did you decide to update?

Thank you for responding. I did do the update and so far everything seems fine. I did a Google search on the issue first and found a Republic response concerning not taking Beta upgrades, but that also included a paragraph that since the Android Pie update was no longer in Beta but fully rolled out that it should be okay. It also gave a lot of info concerning backing up info on the phone first, which I made sure was done so I wouldn’t lose anything just in case it went bad. But, so far so good.

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