Moto x 1g to Moto x 4 sim card

Upgraded phone but keep getting sim card invalid message. Do I need to have cell service to set it up or do I need a new sim card?

Hi @davidm.wj3z02,

The SIM card from a Moto X 1st Gen is permanently paired to that phone. Please return it to that phone in case you ever need that phone again, or decide to pass it along to someone else.

You’ll need a different SIM card for your new phone. If you ordered the new phone from us, the SIM card would be in the box, on a credit-card style carrier. Sometimes they like to wedge themselves under the flaps of the box.
If you bought it elsewhere, you’ll need to order a SIM card from our online store. They’re currently free, (and for those who read this in the future, currently refers to April 12, 2018) and there’s even a free shipping option for the SIM card.


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