Moto X 1st Gen 24hr tether duty?


Hi, appreciate any help on this. I’m thinking about having my old Moto X turned back on and using it to tether our computer for internet now that 15 gigs is available. First question, is the Moto X 1st Gen. capable of being tethered full time? Overheat? 2nd question, does the Moto 1st have the same internet speed as my Moto X Pure Edition? We have Dish internet and 10 gigs a month of slow daytime use and the ping is 11 times longer than Republic tethering.
Regards, Tom


the Moto X 1st Gen as a legacy phone is not able to use the My Choice plans
if reactivated as a new line the Moto X 1st will be on the legacy Refund plan where data cost $15 per GB (not $5 of the My choice on a 3.0 phone)
the Refund plan will refund any unused data where My choice is unused data is gone

I have found tethering always to be a battery hog and trends to heat up the phone


In my experience with Moto X phones, tethering for any extended length of time causes significant heat generation. It puts a lot of demand on the processor and the battery. In my view, tethering should only be done for short periods of time in the Moto X.


Terrible idea. At $15/GB you could probably have dedicated fiber laid to your house before too long.


I agree that the cost of tethering on the refund plans is quite prohibitive. It’s actually fair with the My Choice plans.


If you’re going to tether a Republic phone, I’d only recommend the new My Choice phones. Find an inexpensive one that works for you.


Thanks for the help, I’ll go look at the “my choice” phones and see if it’s worth buying a new phone or just use our Moto X Pure Editions. Thanks again, Regards, Tom


The Pure Edition does work on the $5/GB plan which makes the idea at least a little more tolerable. Although we approached 1TB of data usage in my household last month on our FiOS connection so not really practical here.


If I were planning to do the same thing now a BYOP Moto G4 Play for $85 with promotional offer from B&H would be my choice. It has a replaceable battery if it becomes an issue, the promotional offer includes a RW SIM and includes service with the first two GBs free for six months.


I have found that while tethering with my X Pure the temperature varies by processor use. While the hotspot is idle and not transmitting data there is little additional heat. Using the turbo charger while tethering to maintain battery level also generates more heat than using my older slower ones.


Experts on Lithium ion batteries will tell you that using the phone and charging it at the same time is not a good thing to do to the battery. That’s one reason why the charging cables that come with a phone tend to be rather short… to discourage charging and using simultaneously. As for turbo charging, I put mine away after the first time I used it. I could feel the rapid heat build up in the battery. In my opinion, turbo charging will send a good battery to an early retirement.


You may want to consider Hughes Net, I’ve seen better plans available with them than Dish:


Noticed experts come in all shapes, sizes, knowledge and have varying agendas. Samsung says it’s OK.

For the topic author’s intended use they’d likely intend to keep on charger most of the time. Experts have varying opinions about how that can affect battery life too. Both are reasons I’d want an inexpensive phone with a replaceable battery just case of a malfunction or the “it’s bad” experts are more correct.

Many of the less expensive phones will function as only single band 2.4 GHz hotspot which might be a consideration for some users.

I’m in the process of setting up a G4 Play on another low cost provider for a friend who should be able to save a bundle of money by using a phone plan that includes tethering. Dual purpose device, mobile phone and home WiFi for their little internet use.


Update since I mentioned setting up a G4 Play to use hotspot/tethering as a replacement for a neighbor’s DSL It’s been working well for their phone service and limited data needs for accessing the web.

DSL has been up/down with several hours long outages for the last week at my home. Have used both my Moto X Pure and G4 hotspots. The X Pure runs atleast 10 degrees warmer than the G4. X Pures do have a reputation for running warm sometimes during normal use so that may be expected.