Moto X 1st Gen back is warped



My original Moto X… I have kept it around as a backup phone in case anything happens to my Nexus 6p. I just took a look at it and it was warped… that is, the back is warped and is popping off on the side with the power button. Funny thing is it all works… it just did an update to 5.1. It us not currently active on RW.


Hi @thorpemark,

I’m concerned by the images and description you’ve posted. Severe warping can indicate that at some point the battery has been damaged and may not be safe to continue using. Please consider prompt disposal of this phone in an environmentally safe manner.


I agree with @southpaw the only real reason for the back to warp is the Battery expanding, at this point I would consider the phone unsafe and would dispose of it (the only other option I see is to take it to a Cell Repair place and have battery replace)


Thanks Southpaw and drm186… it is presently in an empty steel ammo box
awaiting disposal.



Wow, never saw that happen to a Moto phone. There’s a first for everything.


For all those wondering how it happened… it was indoors on a cradle
charger… for months if not years. I know I had moved it a couple times,
so its not like it has been charging for a year or more… but many months
of trickle charging a phone that was OFF is a distinct possibility


My Moto X2 sits on a charger 24/7 unless I take it leaving the house. No issues for me but my phone is on not off.


in general this is bad practice… I recently found this out with an ipone
6 and my Nexus 6P… it really hurts battery life… though I haven’t seen
any swelled batteries there.

There is a great app called AccuBattery on the android that can check the
health of your battery and guide you through charging it in such a way to
maximize its lifespan (which directly relates to how long a “full” charge
will last.

Not to use real numbers… but your Moto X2 has a 2300 mAh. Brand new maybe
thats a 15 hour normal use battery… I have no idea. Over time… that 2300
mAh can become a 2000 and then an 1800 mAh battery… its health might then
be reported as 78% and it might last 12 hours… or worse.

What Accubattery does is ask you to let the device get very low… 5% or
less… then charge it fully… more than 100% because 100% might not be the
full limit at this time. When the app is running and you are charging it
will show how much juice is moving into the battery. The app will talk
you through all of this… I just want to give you the broad strokes…
so, you do this a 2-3 times… by then the app will know how much juice
drained to get to 5% and how much juice went in to get back to 100%. It
will then know the “health” of your battery.

But the short version of all of this is never let your phone sit on the
charger. Only charge it past 80% when you know you will be a long time
before charging it again. And let it drain below 20% before charging again.

The reason for the above is that to get it from 80% to 100% it drains a lot
of future battery life… the battery has to work harder to get it to 100%.
And having it sit on the charger is the worst… because you go from 99%to
100% all day long… all night long. It is the most costly charge you can
do and you do it 24x7.

So… what damage did that practice cause me… other than this nearly
exploding battery?.. My Nexus 6P developed a sharp battery drain event
from time to time. The battery graph was ugly… going from 80% to ZERO
and shutting down in the blink of an eye. The iphone6… after about 2
years it had no life to it. It would show 100%… then you use if for 5
minutes and it would shut down. Got that battery replaced at WeFixIt for
about $60… not its back to normal and I am practicing good and safe
battery charging rituals.

I recommend everyone become more aware of this… and of using the charger
and cable that came with teh device… because there are a lot of crap
cables and chargers out there.

I found all this on xda forums being helped by several people, especially
one with the handle v12xke

Te Nexus 6P uses USB-C stuff and that xda forum thread mentioned
googling Benson
Leung who does reviews of cables and chargers and tests everything… very

Good luck!


Thanks @thorpemark
We all adopt rituals for charging that works for ourselves. The cradle works for me for 3 yrs on this Moto X2. The article is a good read for others that haven’t found a ritual in their charging.


I can appreciate that… I guess what I am suggesting is… check the health
of your battery. You may decide a different ritual is better for you in
the long run.

Certainly I understand the habit of keeping phones… and tablets… and
laptops plugged in and topped off… that would be my preference and I did
that for years… but it damages battery life.

Good luck!

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For an additional discussion on charging Lithium-Ion Batterys from Battery University

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bookmarked that batteryuniversity thing… thanks

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