Moto X 1st Gen calling app acting erratic

My Moto X 1st Generation (I know it may be time for a new one) has been acting like a seven-year-old child who thinks he can be President. It drops calls. The calling app won’t open some of the time. Sometimes it will only connect and work properly if I turn WI-Fi off and use cellular. I’m not sure if I installed an app that is interfering with the calling or not. That’s always hard to troubleshoot.

Anyone have any suggestions? Has this become a theme with the Moto X 1st Generations? I didn’t see anything in the forum. I want to keep the phone as long as I can, but I’m afraid it’s imploding from the inside.

Thank You in advance!


Hi @mitchellk.0k6c9q,

Since you raise the possibility of an installed app being the root cause of the issue; the easiest way to determine that is to start your phone in Safe Mode (Lollipop 5.1). If the phone behaves better in safe mode, the hard part will be determining which is the problem app. I’ve provided guidance presuming your X1 has been upgraded to Android 5.1 Lollipop. If uncertain of that, please let us know what is said at Settings -> About phone -> Android version.

I also suggest taking a look here:

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