Moto x 1st gen camera not working after 5.1 install

my wife finally upgraded to 5.1 after months of prompts.

now her camera doesn’t work. theres zero chance this is a hardware issue, it has to do with the update.

can she roll back to the previous update?

this seems like a very common problem, so why was the moto x 1st gen given the new OS?

You may want to review/initiate the actions outlined by Republic below

  • After Installing the Update
  • Troubleshooting/Getting Help
    I would suggest an Uninstall/Update the Camera code (from Google Play)
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I’ve done everything possible, including the sketchy press on the camera to reset. nothing works.

Basically it sounds like the new OS doesn’t work well with the 1st gen. so now RW is “forcing” me to upgrade the phone if i want to continue to be a customer with a fully functioning phone. so much for cheap plans. they are sold out of every phone that works with the original plan. basically it’s a new phone cost in addition to a new more expensive plan.

we have two phones on RW and have been a customer for years. i hate to go elsewhere, but this may force us out. i find it a little suspect that this is a way of weeding out the old phones and plans, while hiding it as a glitch.

Sorry to hear that you had unfavorable results … the majority had no problems and are still enjoying our fully functional X1’s (myself included). Just to be clear: You have done as Republic suggested?

  1. Perform a cache wipe.
  2. Try booting your phone in Safe Mode (Lollipop 5.1).
  3. If a cache wipe does not fix your lag time, a Factory Reset (Lollipop) is recommended (this will erase all data on your phone).

Hi @jamess.8o19bl,

I’m sorry to hear that the Lollipop update has not gone well for your wife’s phone. I would point out the update comes from Motorola not Republic. Republic isn’t using the update as a means to force one to update their phone.

If doing everything possible includes a factory reset without restoring apps and settings (which is the last resort in the links provided by my fellow Ambassador @jben) then it’s time to open a help ticket. You may do so when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help. Alternatively or additionally, you may wish to have a conversation with Motorola. That conversation may be started here: Live Chat.

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i chatted with motorola.

exact same suggestions.

i haven’t heard or read a single post where the factory reset did anything.

motorola wants me to send in my phone to be examined then they will let me know what it will cost to repair?!?!

it took my wife months to accept the fact that she needed to clear space on her phone just to do this update, then it took a complete dump on her. there’s no way i can convince her to backup/erase everything.

sorry for venting, but it’s pretty obvious that this is an issue due to the 5.1 update. it is everywhere across different carriers. there doesn’t seem to be a REAL fix for it, (sad when the BEST fix is pressing on your phone and hoping to make a new connection with the camera)

so basically in a nutshell.

  1. wife gets constant reminders about updating to new OS

  2. waits for months, because she’s completely content as is.

  3. finally get phone cleared, and installs update

  4. camera doesn’t work after update

  5. spend hours trying to fix, backup, reset

  6. send in phone to motorola for weeks and hope it’s cheap to “fix”

wow, thank motorola and RW. there’s no way in hell that’s(#6) happening. i want to stay on the existing plan i have, and i’m willing to even purchase a new phone to do that, but there aren’t any available.

Hi @jamess.8o19bl,

I appreciate the reluctance on the factory reset, however, it’s the definitive means of attempting to resolve these types of issues when nothing else works.

As for replacing the phone, legacy Republic phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2) are sold out and no longer manufactured. The other option is previously used sourced via the secondary market. Some guidance for that, if interested, here: Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones.

there’s the issue!!! forced to change plans and buy another phone, because of a software update that she really didn’t want.

hard life lesson to those that aren’t married. i just don’t see her plopping down $ for a new phone AND her bill will go up also, especially because of an update. it was a great phone and a great package while it lasted, now i’m guessing she’ll go elsewhere so she has an actual store. can’t see spending big $ on a phone with minimal customer support.

Glad to see that Republic doesn’t force the updates. The update mentioned in this thread sounds like it may be the same one that was the demise of my last phone. I will stop blaming Republic and continue to be immensely appreciative of the low cost service.


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