Moto X(1st Gen) camera stopped working

I have taken less than a dozen photos with my camera, all with the rear lens. Suddenly the camera stopped working. It will not work with the wrist twist or with the camera widget. I press the camera widget and the screen goes black with the symbols for turning front to back camera and moving camera. After a short time a message appears stating “Camera Error Please restart camera.” The phone has never been dropped. I tried rebooting the phone holding the ON button for the whole boot to reset the phone. Could it be just the Android built-in app or is there a procedure that I must use? Do you suggest that I get another camera app to try if it will work.

If clearing the cache doesn’t fix this then try a factory reset. If that doesn’t fix it the camera is bad.

Clearing the Cache

Factory Reset

I mentioned this in another thread, we had 4 Moto X 1st Gens in my family. Two had the radio die (loss of wifi/BT). The other two had the rear camera die. This is, unfortunately, a common way that these phones die.

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