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I have a Moto X 1st gen phone. It works fine as far as it goes, but the performance is poor/laggy. I’ve solved a lot of this by reverting the keyboard and maps to the factory versions, but the phone freezes for a couple seconds when switching apps or changing contexts. So:

  • Are there other apps or services I can revert or shut down to get this phone to work better?

The phone is about six years old and the battery is shot, so I’m trying to decide if I can get it to perform a little better and just replace the battery and keep my $13/mo plan vs. buy a new phone, which doesn’t interest me.

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I understand your situation. I love the original Moto X on Republic! (My brother is now using mine.)

His phone is also showing performance issues. This is due to the age of the phones operating system, the low internal phone memory of those early models, and the increase demand of the apps you still use.

His battery is also giving its last efforts. Truth is, there are no new batteries for those phones. You might be able to find one on the internet, but it will not be a fresh battery unfortunately.

You can Factory Reset it and disable unneeded apps like you have done. But that’s as best a performance improvement as you can get.

I’ll tell you what I was telling my brother :wink:
It went something like this:

When the time comes and you’re ready to give up your old phone, you will be moving to the My Choice plan. Your new phone will have a fresh battery! The latest operating system, security patches and RAM that can handle what you throw at it. (He didn’t care about the camera improvements on even the lower end phone models, but you might!)

Hope this was of help.

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This is a bit like me trying to get my 70 year old mother to perform better. I can put a little more bran in her diet, and try to get her out of the house more often, but at the end of the day she’ll still be 70 years old.


Ah to be so young!


Thanks for the suggestions.

Suggestions for a new phone and where to get one?

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When I gave up my Moto X, I went for the Pixel line. I found the phones excellent but pricey. The Pixel 3a however is a great value, especially if you can catch it at the $299 price. (It’s has been jumping up and down in price this holiday season.)

Maybe tell us what’s important to you! :slight_smile:
You want a bigger battery?
Care about phone size?
Security updates?

The Community will have some good suggestions I’m sure!
And then help you find it :wink:


I can’t imagine spending $300 for a phone. That’s what I spent for this Moto X.

I text and talk on the phone, listen to audiobooks, sometimes get directions. That’s about it.

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