Moto X 1st gen no cell data working says 512 mb data available

Recently upgraded to cell data with the refund program on a Moto X 1st gen, then went to military training. Upon getting phone back a month later data is not working, not 100% it was working before because he was around lots of wifi. It says “cell calls, messages, no data” but also says 512 mb data available. On the republic wireless app, all apps are selected to use data and cell data is on. Ideas? (Asking for my son who is stuck on base without data or wifi)

Your son should run through the troubleshooting steps in this document. It will be necessary for him to have a WiFi connection while doing so:

Make and Receive a Phone Call

If these steps don’t fix the problem it will be necessary to open a service ticket. Yes, all of this is nearly impossible for a person in basic training.

What does the cellular signal notification looking like…if it shows a triangle on top of the signal icon…then he is in roaming area…and he would also need to turn on roaming data in the settings. Be advised that roaming data is chewed up at 18.3x regular native cellular data.

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