Moto X, 1st gen, not receiving verification texts

I have Base Plan + 1.0 GB Data
I’ve been very happy with RW for years. Had a Defy first…my phone number was ported over to RW from Verizon many years ago.
Have had several verification texts not come through: SSA, Target, and most recently with USPS which now requires a verified account.
I’d say I noticed this problem starting about 6 months ago - but likely only because I needed to get into my SSA profile.
I was able to set up a verification email with SSA, but that took a couple of weeks to fix with snail mail. Setting up email verification was not an option for USPS and Target.

My husband has upgraded from his Moto X, 1st gen to a Motog5. He recently also tried to get verification texts for SSA which did not go through.

After research on RW it appears the final answer is: It’s not going to ever work with the VOIP/cell provider, FCC classifies us as landline phone numbers.

I do need a new phone. Contemplating my options…

Thank you for your advice at this customer juncture.

This issue was resolved. See here: My Social Security 2FA texts stopped getting through


True, read through most of those RW conversations. Yes, SSA can be resolved. Interestingly, I just now tried the USPS site again and after several tries did get a verification text. That one is resolved for me.
Yes, Target Circle is still a problem. I can live without being verified there…but it seems to speak about the overall verification issue which will likely pop up elsewhere.

Curious if anyone else has verification text issues for stores or other non-essential locations.

Essentials would be a deal breaker for me i.e. airlines, bank, Airbnb/VRBO, employer.

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