Moto X 1st Gen. Phone Transfer Old Plan

I am trying to give my phone(moto x first gen.) to my brother, and I am wondering if he can stay on the old plan(unlimited data)? If yes, what is the criteria?

If the Moto X1 is currently active on the 1.0 plan, it can continue on the 1.0 plan. If you need to transfer the number from that phone onto on a new phone with Republic Wireless, then you will need to activate the new phone as a new line of service

and then submit a help ticket to swap the phone numbers. Once the swap is complete, you will end up with your new phone

with your original phone number (which was on the Moto X1) and the Moto X1 will get the newly activated phone number but stay on the 1.0 plan. You can then give the Moto X1 to your brother.

If the Moto X1 is deactivated, it cannot be reactivated on the 1.0 plan. All new activations of the legacy custom RW phones

including the Moto X1 place those phones on the 2.0 Refund Plan.

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