Moto X 1st Gen question

i’m using my Moto X 2nd Gen and gave my Moto X 1st Gen to my son for playing games. But it is constantly popping up with the message that no cell service detected, and goes into the activation loop for a few minutes. I went through all the settings, and couldn’t find a way to tell the phone to disregard cell service, and/or to uninstall the Republic app and all the popups.

I want to keep this around as a game device, and as a backup in case my 2nd gen is lost/damaged. How can i set it up to avoid those popups?



Airplane mode?

If that does not do it submit a ticket and ask CS team.

Hi @nofear4by4,

The two solutions I’ve seen solve this conundrum are:

  1. Temporarily activate the $10 cell plan, go through cell activation then immediately cancel service.
  2. Factory Reset the phone.
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