Moto X 1st gen, service is failing. Should I stay or should I go?


So I’ve mentioned a couple times in the past that I was leaving RW due to unreliable service. The price of a new phone delayed that but trigger time has finally arrived and I’m ready to make a decision.

I’m looking at Google Fi as the alternative.

Here are my issues:

I’m on a Moto X 1st gen and the service is becoming unusable. The phone has difficulty with Wifi, often disconnecting and reconnecting to my home network for no reason. The hand-off between WiFi and cell IS NOT seamless, leaving me with up to a minute of dead time in between, and since it sometimes likes to jump back and forth due to the previously mentioned wifi issues it can leave my phone with no data access for an extended period of time unless I completely disable the wifi, which I have to do often even while at home sitting 2 feet from my router. And when I am on cell, I’m not sure if it’s the phone or the service, but I find random dead spots where I have no signal outdoors, in the middle of Orlando, where that simply shouldn’t be the case. Oh, and after like 5 years or so it STILL echos my end of the conversation back at me.

So, if I stick with RW I need to upgrade my phone. The problem is I’m on a grandfathered Refund 1gb plan and have been told if I upgrade I have to pick a current plan, which I am not keen on.

Now, in researching Google Fi I find that they have better cell coverage which fixes one of my main issues with RW. They are more expensive, however if I have to pick a new RW plan the gulf between the two isn’t much. I’ve seen horror stories about Google Fi, and I know Google has a track record of abandoning projects and poor customer service, so those things and the price have kept me shy of switching already.

Basically, I kinda feel like I’m in a screwed-one-way-or-another situation right now. I either stick with RW, shell out more money and get a pricier plan and maybe not even get any better service, or switch and still get a pricier plan with definitely better service but potentially more headaches.

I’m kinda just looking to see if anyone else has had a similar experience with an early gen phone on RW and if things got better after they upgraded, etc.

EDIT: Ha, as I’m typing this up the phone is literally dying. About 15 seconds after plugging in the charger the speaker makes a crackling sound it stops charging until I unplug and replug the cord into the phone. This is a fun day.


Since you are considering GoogleFi…why not pick one of the Google Fi compatible from RW and try it out if it works well

for you on the 3.0 plan…and if that doesn’t work out so well…you can switch to Google Fi.

I switched from a Refund plan on the Moto X1 (the battery life was getting unacceptably short… I didn’t suffer the other issues…but the quality of phone conversations on WiFi wasn’t all that great…and I did experience a few dropped calls from time to time…but luckily I have decent Sprint service in my area…so I was able to switch off WiFi just for phone calls and calling worked reasonably well on cellular.)

My new phone is a Moto X Pure with a GSM SIM card from RW on the 3.0 plan ($20 for 1GB)…and except for getting used to the larger size…it outperforms my Moto X in every metric. It helps that I have great GSM service in my area…and even the WiFi calling is much better on my Moto X Pure (no changes to the underlying WiFi network at home).

Yes, it does bump up the costs…but I do feel I am getting adequate value for the price increase. This is a chart that I came up with for a quick plan comparison - if you are around 600MB data usage or higher…the 3.0 plans are great overall value including performance and cost.

Note: This is oft repeated idea so I just wanted to point out that the

Refund plans are not “grandfathered” plans - anyone including new members who acquire a legacy RW phone

(Moto X1,X2, G1,G3, E1 or E2) are able to start new lines of service with this plan.

The 1.0 plan on the other hand is a “grandfathered” plan - which works on the same legacy RW phones but is

not available for new activations.


Yeah, I work from home and was typically in the <0.5gb range (had bills as low as ~$11, I’ll miss those days). $20 isn’t terrible and still cheaper than Fi.

Either way, as of that writing the phone won’t really charge anymore, so trigger pulled. Decided to stick with the devil I know and get the Moto Z on the 1gb plan. It’s got the 14 day refund so I figure worst case scenario if it still sucks I’ll just return it and go to Fi.


Just note that the Moto Z is a GSM only phone and you will be changing background cell network from Sprint to T-Mobile


I’m basically in the same boat with a ‘deteriorating’ Moto X1 on the 2.0 refund plan. Unfortunately, according to RW’s zip-code phone compatibility thingy, it says I’m not in a good area for the phone I want (Edited–Moto Z) so that may push me to Google Fi fairly soon. I’ve also had too many issues with WiFi calling, even though I upgraded my router to a top-end unit with all the recommended specs about a year ago (it helped, but…) I’ve worked though all of the tips and tricks and forum advice here, but half of the issues were never resolved and I’m tired of factory resets.

If I’m going to have to buy a new phone and pay more under a new plan anyway, I might as well try another service. I don’t think there are any incentives for years-long customers to stay, are there? (discounted phone, etc. )


The Moto G4 (if that’s the phone you are looking at) works on both CDMA and GSM…and if you have an existing Moto X1 which works on Sprint…then I am surprised the checker is telling you that the Moto G4 won’t work for you. If you don’t mind

sharing your zip code, I would be interested in the readout from the coverage checker.

I would also encourage you to submit a help ticket to evaluate your options with RW in terms of finding a suitable 3.0 phone.


So basically, the network checker is telling you that neither TMobile or Sprint will work for you if you where looking at a Moto G4 or G5. So I guess you live in an area with good US Cellular coverage if you are think of using Google Fi.

The only issue I have with Republic service is the two to three second delay when I answer the phone, and I can’t hear 1-800 numbers ring when I call them. Thankfully, I don’t make many calls. So it’s not that big of deal for me.


I’m 53081 (Sheboygan, WI) The T-mobile site shows there should be decent coverage within 10 miles, but gets a bit spotty the further away from the city I get (but still good). Why would the zip code checker show the Z as not recommended? (and my bad, I meant I wanted the Moto Z NOT the G)

But yes, US Cellular is king around here. That’s who I came from before RW.


I meant the Moto Z, I apologize.


The coverage checker show G4 should work…it excludes the GSM only phones.

which basically means that it is selecting CDMA coverage for your zip code.

If you already own a G4 and were trying to buy a BYOP SIM card, those are GSM only.

If you want to get a CDMA SIM card from RW, please submit a help ticket.


Most of the state of WI is Roaming for T-Mobile even though your zip is covered the Republic check has to be more complex than just the zip it looks at other factors like phone returns, complaints, and the assumption that you will travel out side that zip


Just re-read your last post…yes the Moto Z is a GSM only phone and therefore will not have good coverage for your zip code.


Heya @justink.3hq2o9

My Moto X 1st Gen went amphibious a couple of weeks ago, so I was forced into a replacement I was not anticipating. With the MX1G, I was experiencing similar issues to the OP. I have a pretty high threshold of tolerance for that sort of thing (I started on the Defy XT), so my plans were to wait another year or so and then upgrade.

Due to the situation, I decided to move to the Moto X Pure. I was able to secure a one week old phone in the 64GB version for $275 on ebay. I purchased a new SIM card from RW and moved my phone number over during activation. Yes, I had to give up my refund plan (those plans were great due to the elimination of breakage). I hate it personally, but just got over it and moved on to the 1G/$20 plan.

I’ve been using the MXP for a week now and the difference in quality of service is nothing short of stupendous! So much so, I’m sure I’ll soon forget the fact that its costing me more per month.

I don’t know about Google Fi, but I do know about FreedomPop. RW beats them hands down IMHO.

Incidentally, my wife and son are on the refund plans with Moto G phones and they do not have the issues I had with the X. They’ll stay there until the cows come home unless their phones decide to take a swim or some such.


I figured out fairly quickly that there were significant issues with the Moto X 1st generation, so I’m glad to hear other phones have been better with RW. I’m just not impressed with any of the remaining CDMA phones RW is offering (especially the S7, which is overpriced even with the current discount).


I’ve had an S7 for quite a while now, having purchased it before it was discounted. Yes, I paid a lot for it, but it is a magnificent phone that outperforms the previous models I’ve had (Defy XT, X1, X2) in every respect. Now that it has been discounted I’m thinking of buying another one to replace my SO’s X1. This is what I especially like about it:

  1. Samsung Sidesync connects it to my PC from which I can operate it with my 22" monitor, keyboard and mouse.

  2. The interface to my Prius is far superior to that of my X2 -and- it works with the car’s inductive charging tray.

  3. Mine is on T-Mobile and I can make excellent calls even with a 0 - 1 bar connection. Call quality is superior to my X2 on Sprint with 1 - 2 bars. I’ve never experienced a dropped call either on WiFi or Cell.

  4. Battery life is about 50% better than I experienced with the X2.


I had such a bad experience with Samsung’s Galaxy S2 (USC) that it would take a huge price drop on the S7 for me to consider another Galaxy-- say $399 range, which won’t happen anytime soon, even with the S8’s release. Plus, I’ve really become attached to Google phones in that everything I do on my phone mirrors my desktop (contacts, passwords, etc) and vice-versa. One password for all devices, like Apple.

Right now, I’m thinking the Pixel 2 on Google Fi will be exactly the phone I’ve been looking for, and will be available in about 5-6 months. I’ve been doing a lot of researching the last several days. So… RW keeps me until then and will likely lose me unless they can present a decent alternative other than Samsung’s flagship.


Since I use Gmail and Chrome, those items are all mirrored on my S7, my desktop PC and my laptop.


justink.3hq2o9 wrote:

But yes, US Cellular is king around here. That’s who I came from before RW.

In case you didn’t know, @justink.3hq2o9, US Cellular is one of the carriers that Project Fi uses. Just sayin’…


That’s good to hear, you can’t argue with their coverage-- just their cost.


I had the battery in my Moto X1 replaced by a shop here in town last summer for $35 total including labor and 1 yr warranty. Before that, it was needing 2 charges and an auxiliary battery to make it through the day. I wasn’t ready to replace it and am still getting good service out of it. There are occasional quirky behaviors. It went back to holding enough charge for a day with the new battery.