Moto X 1st Gen - Sim Card Error and Swollen Phone Back


What phone do you have?
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I have a 1st Gen Moto X that just started displaying a Sim card error when booting. After removing the Case protector to try reseating the card, I noticed that the phone back has a large hump along the width and at same area as the Sim card. The back is pulling away from the phone. I’ve had this my phone since 2011/2012. Any ideas or is the “fat lady” about to sing?


Hi @sgearhart,

Not to sound alarmist, but if the back of the phone is swelling, please make arrangements to dispose of that phone in an environmentally-acceptable manner as quickly as possible. You are seeing likely evidence of damage to the battery, rendering it unstable.


The “fat lady” is singing, and singing loudly and the battery is non-serviceable. You would be wise to heed the advise given above and get a new phone. I would also suggest you not place the phone near anything that would catch fire easily, especially overnight while you’re sleeping.


Hold on before you throw that phone away! That battery can be replace if you so wish. “Google” cell phone repair shops in your area (plenty here in DC area). They may be able to bring life back by replacing the bad battery, until then Stop charging it now!

I just had my battery replaced (Moto X 1 gen) this last Friday with a battery (new one) that I got from Ebay…not that costly. To have the battery replace cost me $20 and 25 mins of my time as I did Christmas shopping with the money Republic Wireless saved me!

Remember you may lose the Republic plan that your phone is on meaning you may be paying more with a new phone. Don’t let that Lady sing yet!


Many cell repair shops will not touch a swelling battery phone as they are a hazard


That is true. But doesn’t cost him a penny by looking for one that will try.

The battery is Motorola EX34 OEM, about $10


Thanks for the replies. It just occurred to me; I rarely use a cell phone and it normally is relegated to being a bedroom clock and sits in a charging cradle. Only recently have I started powering it off. It seems to have something to do with being off and sitting in a charging cradle.

Thanks once again. . .


I think Fire Stations accept bloated phones with your type of condition. Be safe & don’t play around. Cut your loss!


Hope I’m not ruffling any feathers here, but the problem is almost certainly the battery and generally trivial to replace. If you have a repair shop do the job you only need the correct battery.
Please note if you intend to use the NFC features it is important to purchase a battery with the NFC attachment.
I can point you in at least one direction… American Cellular, available thru Amazon for $9.00.
Here’s a link to several options…

Best of luck


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