Moto-X 1st Gen SIM card in Galaxy S7?


My son dropped his Moto-X 1st gen in the toilet - it’s dead, Jim! He wants to purchase an unlocked Galaxy S7, will the SIM card from the Moto-X work or will he need to buy a SIM card kit?



No, you need to buy a new SIM (Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless ). Coverage will be different from the Moto X 1st gen if you bring your own phone. Check that coverage is acceptable for BYOP at Coverage Check | Republic Wireless (if you see Please note: “Bring your own phone” is not supported for your location at this time, you probably won’t be happy with cellular coverage). There are also many different iterations of the Galaxy S7. Make sure the S7 meets the requirements for activation with Republic Wireless:

To find your phone’s model number, go to:

Apps -> Settings -> About device -> Model number

  • Compatible model number: SM-G930U or SM-G935U
  • Must be North America Unlocked version.


Hi @franka.xc1osv!

Uh-Oh! No, the SIM card in the Moto X1 will not work in a Galaxy S7. You will need to purchase a SIM kit from Amazon or Republic. Make sure to get the North American unlocked mode SM-G930U (for just the regular S7) or SM-G935U (for the S7 edge). Hope that helps!




One other thing - how do I transfer phone the number form the old soggy phone to the new one?



This is done during activation of the new phone/SIM, Activate My Phone

if you activated as a new line Republic Support can swap the number and deactivate the old phone Republic Help



Thanks for all the replies, his new phone is up and running. Hopefully this one will not go swimming.


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