Moto X 1st gen Sim card transfer

My Moto X 1st gen is finally giving up and I’m going to buy a new phone.

Can I use the sim card from my old Moto X 1st gen in either a Moto X 2nd gen or a Moto G 3rd gen?

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no the SIM card in the Legacy Moto Phones are CDMA are link to your phone not your account. if you purchase a Republic Moto X 2nd or Republic Moto G 3rd (note only a custom ROM Republic version of these phones will work) they should come with a SIM but if they didn’t you can work with support to get one link to that phone

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

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The SIM in your Moto X (1st Gen) must stay with it if you sell it or give it to someone else. It does not contain any personal data and is unique to the phone it is in.

Just want to add that if you do acquire a used Republic custom version of Moto X2 or G3 and if it does not come with its SIM card, you can still go ahead and activate it as a replacement to your Moto X1 (in case this becomes a time critical issue)

You can then submit a help ticket to request a new SIM card from RW (Please note, this is not the BYOP SIM card for sale on the website, but rather a device specific SIM card that RW will send you in response to the help ticket). The new SIM card only enables 4G/LTE data…all other functionality, including 3G cellular data should work without a SIM card.

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