Moto X 1st Gen Stuck on Boot Screen


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Issue Description

My moto x is stuck booting at the boot screen.I had just loaded Alexa from play store and the phone rebooted itself. Now it is stuck. Help.

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Hi @licomic
Hold that power button for 2 minutes and see if it reboots the phone normally


@bocephous tried holding power button down for 2 + minutes several times with no luck. I also tried clearing/reformatting cache but that seems to hang when it is reformating partition. Should I try a hard factory reset?


I would wait as the factory reset is a last resort. I suggest making a support ticket out and in the meantime someone may chime in with info needed to help you further than I could.


Hi @licomic

Have you tried going to the PlayStore and uninstalling the Alexa app on your X1 from a PC or other device?. I would give that a shot before a FDR (Factory Data Reset).


My Moto X never recovered. I was able to stay on my 1.0 plan by buying a new old Moto E 2nd Gen. Not as good as the X but servicable. I’m happy.

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