Moto X 1st gen to Moto X 2nd gen, can I keeping same plan?


I still have RW’s original plan. $25 unlimited plan. I never switched to the refund or the new plan. My original phone was the Defy. Anyone else with me on this plan?

I read that if you change new phones you have to pick the new plans RW currently has. But I also read somewhere that switching phones between the original phones offered by RW, you can keep the same plan.

Any suggestions?


It is all true.

If you get a new phone, you have to move to the My Choice plans (https//

If you stay on a legacy phone, the Republic specific versions of the Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2 then yes, you can keep your plan.

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great thank you


Hi, I have the original $25 plan. I want to switch from a broken Moto X 2nd gen to another one. Do I simply activate the working phone and I’ll be able to keep the existing plan?

To be clear, the phone I want to switch to is another Moto X 2nd gen.



as long as the replacement phone is the Republic version of the Moto X2 then yeas you will simply activate as a line replacement for the nonworking phone and it will take over the number and plan of the old phone


Yes it is. Thanks!!

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