Moto X 1st gen unable to be recognized as connected USB device

Anyone else noticing issues since the upgrade to 5.1 OS that your Moto X (1st gen) no longer is recognized as an external connected USB device in Max OSX or Windows 7 and higher?!? I’ve come across a couple others who seemingly have the issue. I can say that it isn’t with the cable, or anything third party as I’ve restarted in safe mode with all 3rd party apps disabled. This is a straight up OS problem from what I’m seeing, as others are also specifying that they have seen changes since the upgrade of charging of the phone and having to have the device locked or reseating the micro USB to get the device to recognize being connected to charge. I’ve got all of these with my own, as well as issues when the device battery gets too low will become stuck in a cycle when attempting to charge of it booting itself in an endless loop. This OS update is garbage!!!

As a default…the phone connect over USB in charging mode. If you want to transfer files to/from the phone…you will

  1. pull down the notification pane (one finger slide down from the top)

  2. Tap on USB for charging…and change it to “USB Tranfer (MTP)”

That should allow you to access the phones folders from your computer.

If you are having other post-update issues…the best place to start would be to go through the

After installing the update section in this document

Moto X (1st Gen.) Lollipop 5.1 System Update

Is the “notification pane” on the top left of the Moto X? Mine doesn’t say anything about “USB for charging”. It only has notifications for where my wireless is, for Facebook, phone calls missed, etc. Should I be looking someplace else?




Did you try swiping down with one finger? Lollipop should say “Connected as a media device” tap and you’ll see a couple of options.

If you don’t see a notification after swipe you’re likely using a charging only cable and would need a charge/data cable.


Thank you. I tried again and must have just the charging only cable.

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