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I’m currently a Moto G 1st gen user, that cracked the screen on my phone. Could I purchase a Moto X 1st gen model XT1058 that is unlocked and have it work with the refund plan?


No, you can’t. The unlocked Moto X 1st Gen won’t work with Republic at all.

For the Refund Plan, the phone must be one of the below, Republic specific versions of the phone. Be cautious, the E2 & the G3 model numbers are shared with phones that are not Republic Wireless versions.

Moto E (1st Gen.) (XT1019)
Moto E (2nd Gen.) (XT1526)
Moto G (1st Gen.) (XT1031)
Moto G (3rd Gen.) (XT1548)
Moto X (1st Gen.) (XT1049)
Moto X (2nd Gen.) (XT1094)

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The E/G/X’s that are eligible for the 2.0 plan does not include the XT1058. All of these phones were manufactured with a special RW Rom and no others will work on the Republic service
The actual models were:
Moto E (1st Gen XT1019)
Moto E2 (2nd Gen XT1526)
Moto G1 (1st Gen XT1031)
Moto G3 (3rd Gen XT1548)
Moto X1 & X2 - (1st Gen** XT1049 ) (2nd Gen XT1094 )


Thank you. I’m just not a fan of the 5.5 display of the Moto G4. Would
like a smaller option with the newer plans.


The smallest options with the new plans are the Moto E4 (5.0") and Samsung J3 (5.0").

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Thank you.


G4 Play is another option with a 5" display.

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BTW, there is a Republic Wireless 1 Gen Moto X on right now in fair condition for $70.

I left RW for less than a month, and then I decided to come back. I used one time to buy a used RW Moto X because for whatever reason my RW 1st Gen Moto E had stopped working. I bought that Moto X from a seller that lived not too far from me, and the phone came pretty fast, and the phone came as described, so I was pretty happy with that seller and


And has the ability to work with Sprint, rather than the other options where the J3 is a GSM only phone and the E4 can only be used with the GSM partner in the short-term. That’s a good catch. Thanks.

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