Moto X 2014 2.0 sim, going to Moto G7

Is my 2.0 plan sim compatible with the Moto G7 or do I need to get a new sim card?

And as a bonus question (for extra virtual cookies) what is the best app to use to transfer all of the phones data?

You’ll need both a new plan and a new SIM. Details on the former are linked here: Cell Phone Plans – Republic Wireless. To help us best help you on the latter, if you’re comfortable sharing, might we trouble you for a zip code (nothing more)? As you may know Republic offers multiple coverage options for the Moto G7 series.

Typically, the best bet is to use the built-in setup tools offered by Android. Doing so will move most user content tied to one’s Google account from old to new phone. For that which Google doesn’t move, some excellent guidance is provided here:

If you must use a single app for everything, this one gets good reviews at Google Play:


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