Moto X 2014 Pure Edition (Unlocked) on Republic Wireless?


I realize this question was previously asked but most questions and replies are well dated now. I have a mint Moto X 2014 Pure Edition (Unlocked) 64GB XT1095 that utilizes the same cell channels and frequencies as Republic and Sprint. Sprint is the carrier I use through Republic currently on my Moto G3. I have found answers to the affirmative and negative on this site and others online but would like a current and definitive answer before tossing out either phone. Will the unlocked Moto X 2014 Pure work with Republic Wireless service??



Hi @cableguy!

No, it will not. The Moto X 2014 must be a Republic version and not an unlocked variant. The devices that you can bring to Republic unlpcked can be found here (under 3.0 phones): Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help . I hope that helps!




Thanks for the reply and definitive answer, although I was hoping I wouldn’t be tossing out such a nice phone. It seems that the “BYOP” hype should really be bring your own phone only if you are very lucky, or “BYOPOIYAVL”. :slight_smile:


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