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Tried going through Support but it looks like my phone may be completely dead so asking here as a last resort.

I’ve been having trouble with my phone turning itself off without warning at ~50% charge. Reading through the forums, I tried calibrating the battery by running it down as much as possible before charging to full. However, when it is now plugged in to AC, the white screen with a battery (with no number to indicate charging level) comes on for a few seconds, the phone buzzes, the green LED flashes once and the phone switches off. This sequence repeats and the phone never switches on. I cannot get into Recovery either - I can get to the fastboot screen but on selecting Recovery the phone goes back into a boot loop.

Any ideas?




If you get the green led the phone needs charged. Plug the phone into a wall wort with usb cable, leave it charge a min 2 hrs. try rebooting then by holding in the power button up to 2 complete minutes or until the phone starts up.

report back if you need help or this fixes the phone. Some phones need a Factory reset to just clean them out and start fresh. This may be the case but it depends on the booting up after the charge.

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Tried leaving the phone connected to the charger all night. No change in symptoms - still the battery screen at boot up, a buzz, a single green LED flash in a loop. And I cannot do a factory reset (at least not via Recovery) as I cannot boot into Recovery. I guess I’ll be buying a new phone today :frowning:




Contact RW support and see if they can help.

Republic Help

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you should also see what Motorola can do Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc.



Begin a search for a replacement phone while trying to get your X2 to work again if you haven’t started looking yet.

My 2 1/2 year young X1 ended up doing the same thing. Now when plugged in does exactly what yours does but shows 0% battery and will no longer boot. Wasted far too much time trying to resolve issues. Good luck with your X2 and TS or a new battery could resolve your problem.

You may want to consider one of these GSM phones, $129 sale price with up to 6 months free 3.0 w/1GB dataservice starts 12-13.

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