Moto X 2nd Gen battery and charging

I have the Moto X 2nd Gen and it seems to have excessive power consumption or a failing battery. I’ve closed all non vital programs and it still runs a fully charged battery dead within hours. Now I’m in the situation where it won’t even accept a charge and it’s stone dead, yeah that little green light at the top center of the phone’s screen is on too. I read all the old posts with similar problems and possible solutions suggested all of which I’ve tried as well. I accidentally stumbled upon a new screen I’ve never seen before while pressing the power and volume buttons simultaneously out of frustration when a boot up screen appeared giving several options. I used the recovery setting and like magic, my phone turns on and is charging once again. It may still have the same issues, but at least I can turn phone on at this point. Overall, this phone has served me well for years prior to this problem.

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Hi @thomasn.4rlah8

Great to hear you found a solution. :relaxed:

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Hi @thomasn.4rlah8,

Once it’s fully charged and depletes the battery again, please let us know how long it took to do so, and if it’s still a problem, what the phone lists as the top consumers of the battery.

The green LED indicates that the phone’s battery is so depleted it cannot even light up the screen to acknowledge it is charging. When in that condition, it’s best to just leave it on the charger until it has a chance to recover. I would suspect your happening upon the recovery menu and the phone’s recovery from battery depletion were coincidental.

I have had a similar issue with my Moto X 2nd gen and the following procedure has worked to restore normal charging. (Note: I’ve had to perform this procedure twice so far…once back in Dec 2017 and presently).

If battery fully discharges to 0% and does not recognize a recharge, you can try the following to restore charging capability:

Connect Moto phone to charger.
Press vol down key for about 30 sec.
Your Phone will start charging

If not, do the following:
Connect Moto phone to charger.
Press vol down key for about 30 sec.
Then simultaneously press Vol down and Power Button for 3 Minutes.
Your Phone will start charging.

Good Luck!

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Oh, forgot to mention one more crucial maneuver which I recently read about:
Hold the power button down for 8 seconds through out the day to get it to restart with correct battery level and do the same during charging. Having done this for a few days seems to have reset/re-calibrated the phone battery.

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