Moto X 2nd gen battery change

So I have a Moto X 2nd gen phone and I need to replace the battery. I purchased online a generic non-Motorola branded battery, with tools, for pretty cheap and put the thing in. Not too difficult a process, however when I went to reconnect the two main portions of the phone together it was a really tight fit. Tighter than with the old battery. Well, the phone powered up fine and everything worked as it should with the exception of the external speakers. No sound at all. With headphones plugged in I could hear everything but nothing once I removed them. Now I read online that some were running into this and they blamed it on the thickness of the new battery, so I reinstalled the old battery and everything works fine again. When I contacted the seller of the battery about returning it he provided me with a laundry list of things to do for the new battery to work, one of which was to use the free Android app “Battery Calibration”. I didn’t do any of this and managed to return the battery to him for a refund. So now I have an actual Motorola branded battery on it’s way from China but before I tear into my phone for the 3rd time (I can’t believe I’ve managed to not lose any of those little T3 screws) I just wanted to get some insight into this whole “battery calibration” thing. Does something like this always need to be done when someone changes a battery on this, or any phone, or was it really the generic battery pressing down on the speaker connections? I’m thinking the latter but I’d like to get some feedback on this from anyone whose changed their battery on this specific phone.

Sorry for the short story.


It sounds odd. I, personally, don’t think it’s necessary. I replaced a Moto G1 battery with a genuine Motorola one and it worked fine. I didn’t calibrate it or anything. I think it’s probably the fact that it was a sketchy, generic battery coupled with the seller not wanting to deal with a return . I am going to need to replace at least one X2 battery in the near future so I guess I will see!

After receiving the correct Motorola branded battery from China I can now say everything went & works perfect. No issues with battery thickness and the disassembly / reassembly is not that difficult at all. If you don’t have a lighted magnifying glass I recommend one, made things a lot easier. Since Motorola doesn’t make this model battery anymore (EY30) mine was dated 2015 so we’ll see how long it lasts, but again if you’re wanting to replace your X2 battery I strongly recommend using a “true” Motorola branded battery. Incidentally, when my new battery arrived from China it came with a few Torx tools and once more none of them were the correct size (T3) so if you’re going to do this I recommend obtaining a Torx T3 tool and not rely on the battery suppliers “tools provided” offer.


Was it fairly straightforward as far as dissasembly and installation?

Very much so. There’s several videos on youtube that show the process, and again make sure you get a Torx T3 tool and a magnifying glass with a light really helps. The screws you’ll remove with the T3 tool are incredibly small and there’s a bunch of 'em. The tool kit I got came with a little magnetic board which came in handy to keep those little screws from rolling off the table.

Can you tell me where did you get the original Motorola EY30 battery from? I looked various online sites and all I could find was fake batteries claiming to be genuine ones. So can you please provide me a link or something if you bought it online somewhere or maybe the store details from where you bought it. My Moto X2 battery is really giving me a hard time!

I bought mine off eBay, however the seller I bought mine from doesn’t appear to have any currently listed. His location is China and his username is htcacc is you want to email him. There appears to be a seller in Spain, username tph-center, who is selling what looks to be the correct product. Three times what I paid for mine but they look correct.


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