Moto X 2nd gen. battery weirdness--fixable?


I have a Moto X 2nd gen. that is mostly fine, but sometimes the battery life will just drop to 1% and the phone will shut off. Last week it went from 60-something % to 1% to shut-off. Yesterday it went from 50-something directly to shut-off. I occasionally watch short video clips, but otherwise I consider myself a fairly light user. Obviously there is something wrong with the battery, but I wasn’t sure if there was a way to recalibrate it to make it more reliable. I worry about having it fail when I am not at home.

I nearly bought a Moto G5s plus yesterday when it was on sale, but I thought I should research battery solutions first. And now the sale is over, making me more interested in getting my current phone fixed! I have the refund plan and wasn’t too keen on getting rid of it, which has been making me drag my feet a little.

Does anybody have any ideas why my battery is acting this way?


There are many things that could come into play on your Moto X 2nd Gen that result in fast battery depletion.

  1. The battery may be end of life … if so replacement can be done, however choose a reputable repair or Motorola, someone that will stand behind their work. Damage can be done if they are not very skilled in the art
  2. You may have Application that is the culprit (like Facebook) … use Settings/Battery to see if you can identify a culprit … and then remove it
  3. You may have very weak cell reception, the phone will continue to crank up it’s power(battery usage) to try to over come … if this is the problem you may resort to putting the phone in Airplane Mode and then turning on WiFi whenever possible


Thanks for your response! These (and a couple of other abrupt shut-offs) happened when I was at home on wifi, so I don’t think the cell signal is the culprit. I don’t use bluetooth and very rarely use the gps, and I don’t have the Facebook app. I do have my email check for new messages, but other than that, chrome, and maps, my other apps aren’t even suppose to access cell data. When I’m on wifi, apps are regularly updating, but since I don’t have many apps, I would think that happens much less frequently than the average user.

Yesterday when I immediately plugged in my dead phone, the battery counter said it was at 29%, so, there still was a rapid drop, but the phone didn’t seem to be judging when to shut off very well. That’s why I thought there might be some way to reset or calibrate the battery. When the battery was going on my last phone, it drained faster than when the phone was new, but you could still watch the numbers count down normally.

It is sounding like the battery will need to be replaced though.

  • Don’t discount a weak cell signal as one of the possible causes. If the phone is on and you have not taken steps to turn off the cell radios they will continue to use your battery at a level based on your available cell signal.
  • I would also suggest you try Clearing the Cache – Republic Help (both system and app)
  • I would agree with you “It is sounding like the battery will need to be replaced though”
    • I would weigh the cost/risk against biting the bullet and purchasing a new device


Another user recently posted that the battery on his X2 was exhibiting similar behaviors. In his case, the battery was also swelling. The truth is, the X2 is getting long in the tooth, and the battery chemistry is probably deteriorating rather rapidly at this point. This is not the fault of the phone or of Motorola. This is the nature of lithium ion batteries. Of course, No one here can say with certainty what the cause of your phone’s problems are. But, this is something to consider while analyzing the problem, and what the prospects are. If, in fact, this is the problem, your options are a new battery in the old phone, or, a new phone.


I am having the same issue with my Moto x 2nd gen and I reach out Motorola customer support and I was told that my phone is out of warranty, and they cannot replace the battery in my phone but they could send me a similar replacement phone that works with Republic Wireless. This is Motorola support number 800-734-5870


Hi @jwright132

You are having issues with your Moto X 2nd Gen… Motorola is suggesting a replacement phone, correct?

I have a question.

did they quote a price for that exchange?.


Yes they are willing to replace the phone at reasonable cost.


I had these exact issues. Replaced the battery and it is all fine. Lasts all day. Beware though. The new battery interrupted the wire to the earphone so taking calls off speaker didn’t work. The person adjusted that wire and all is fine now.


If they send you a phone. then they place a hold on your credit card for about $300, and when you send the old for they refund I think $150, but you could call and get more details


I have been having this exact same problem for months! It will say 35% battery then suddenly shut down without warning, especially in the middle of calls. I want to get a moto z play so I don’t have this issue but the moto x 2 apparently has superior power despite it’s age and I feel stupid paying 250 for a new phone when the only problem with my current one is the battery. Tough call.


Thanks for all the responses. In the end, I did decide to get a new phone since a swelling battery sounded alarming. I picked up the Moto G5s Plus when the sale was briefly back on; I’m glad I kept checking the Republic store. Even though I’m not too into gadgetry, the fingerprint sensor is pretty neat!