Moto x 2nd gen battery weirdness

I have a Motox 2nd gen on the republic refund plan, with data

I’ve had my motox for like three years, and for a while, maybe even a year, it’s been doing some weird battery things. It seems to drain faster, and worse, it doesn’t display it’s actual battery charge level–it usually completely dies while claiming to be at 20 or 30 percent charge. When it dies and | plug it in to charge, it will sometimes spend a long time cycling between being dead, and then flashing on, vibrating, displaying the charging screen and then going dead again. I finally got fed up and got the battery replaced, because the phone repair guy said batteries start to ■■■■ after three years. I’ve only had the new battery a day or so, so the jury is still out on if battery life is better. But the charge level thing has taken a weird turn-- now it often claims to be at 1 percent, but doesn’t die, and if I restart it, it will display a charge level that seems more realistic. What can I do to fix this annoying thing? Would a factory reset help?

I would run in Safe Mode for a period of time to help narrow it down, if no improvement then the Factory Reset would help alleviate any software problems (do the save, but not the restore, to prevent an app that could be causing the problem)
As you just had the battery replaced, shouldn’t they have some skin in the game?)

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Hi @funkicide,

You might try calibrating the battery. Steps to do so are here:

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