Moto x 2nd gen charging port failure

My Motorola x 2nd gen has always had a loose charging port ever since purchase. (The charging fits loosely into the port on the phone). It keeps getting worse and now it is a hassle. I cannot trust the phone to charge when i plug it in at night. I have woken up with a dead phone on multiple occasions (missed my alarm because of it). I plug it in on a flat surface where there should be no movement but It doesn’t always work. Is there any fix that anyone knows?

If you have tried different chargers and it’s still loose, then you should have sent the phone in for warranty repair a while back.

If it’s been less then two years and you bought the phone new with a credit card, the credit card may extend your one year manufacture warranty for an other year.

Our family has purchased 4 of the Moto x 2nd gen and now none of them will charge properly because of the loose port. There are others online who mention this issue. I think Motorola or Republic should make this right since it seems to be a known issue.

my moto x 2nd gen is now failing to charge. has anyone gotten that fixed and how much is the cost?

same problem, any fixes on this?

You can try the Motorola Repair Center. They will likely exchange the phone for a refurbished phone for $125 (if they still service the Republic Wireless Moto X 2nd gen). Otherwise, try a local repair shop.

BenShep, Yes! I brought it to a mom and pop repair shop and they said they couldn’t replace the port, but asked if they could take a look at it. Apparently there was pocket lint stuck in there. It was pressed down and was as hard as a rock. They used a metal dental pick to get it out. 100% fixed.

P.S I figured that might have been the case and tried to pick it out with plastic utensils or a toothpick, but those were not strong enough or couldn’t maneuver in there… Only a legit dental pick worked. Hope this works for you too.

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This worked for me too

I picked around in it with a needle and now it charges most of the time, although sometimes I have to tweak it a little

I think there is a bit more lint in there, I need to get something and see if I can blow it out

Vacuums are good if powerful enough and you have a small nozzle. The downside to blowing is there’s a chance of further lodging the debri.


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Throwing it out there because I’m not certain of myself, has anyone seen a charging cord itself become loose in the port and a new charging cable fit snugly?


Haven’t witnessed it myself but the cable end connectors can wear and cause charging issues as well. We don’t typically hear back from members exactly why/how a new cable resolves the problem. Most are just happy the phone is charging and may not notice the connector body is slightly tighter… The contacts within the cable connector can wear, get dirty or accumulate dust/lint…


I have.

I have also (this is usually due to stress put on to the cable (using phone while plugged in or unplugging by pulling the cable {and not strait out but at an angle}

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A new cable with a tight fit can help. A charging dock can also aliviate problems with loose connections.

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