Moto X (2nd Gen) Google Services Not Working After Factory Reset

I could use some serious help here.

A couple months ago I did a factory reset on my phone to clear some data. Worked great… except for my GPS now showed me about 100 feet sideways of my actual location. This made it a major pain to travel because it kept seeing me on streets I wasn’t on. I finally got fed up with it and did another factory reset last night. GPS was now accurate again. Yay!

Only now, I am unable to log into google and obtain ANY of my contacts or info. I go through the login process and after I hit “Accept” on the terms, it reads “Unfortunately, google services has stopped.”

It does not log me in. I’ve tried the following:

  1. Clearing the cache on google play and google services

  2. Manually updating both google play and google services

  3. Additional factory resets

  4. Trying to clear the cache and info in safe mode

I still get the same error… every single time. This is getting beyond frustrating.

I have a feeling most of the software on the phone needs to be updated again… but every time I go into settings it tells me the software is up to date. I feel like a system update would fix all of this but I can’t get the phone to do it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

One of the things I’ve noticed after factory resetting my Moto X (2nd Gen) is the need to update Google Play Services. The notice appears in the pull-down notification shade and doesn’t take place automatically. Do you see such a notice there?

I (finally) solved it. To answer your question bilg, no. The option was not there. I couldn’t log into the play store or anything google related to do the update. Here is how I solved it.

  1. Factory reset. I skipped the google login portion.

  2. I used the website apkmirror to download a very old version of play store (think like Oct 2015) and installed.

  3. I then used the same site to download a slightly older version of google services. The newest version just opened crome and then closed it. No idea why that happened.

  4. Now it still gave the same error, but allowed me to continue with the sign in process. Once I was able to sign in, the option to update google play services popped up on top.

I did an update through the google play store and now all is good. I finally got all of my contacts back and the phone is running smoothly. Thank you.

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@philipp.oxw1ld ,

Great! With respect to the GPS error I have encountered something similar. Where I live addresses can be decoded to geographic location. I still remember the day a vehicle stopped at my mailbox and recorded my GPS position. A few weeks later another vehicle stopped and drove-in a metal stake on which my new address was mounted.

Unfortunately that was about a year before the built-in error in the GPS system was removed so every address in my area is off. Mine is off by about 80’. My car’s nav system, Maps and Here all translate my address correctly to be about 80’ down the road. The only way to work around this is to stop at my mailbox, save the GPS location, and in the future navigate to what is actually my correct geographic address.

It’s too bad an error was built into the GPS system in the first place. You know what they say about good intentions. Bill Clinton fixed this near the end of his second term: Selective Availability


Do you have a link to the version you used?

I used this version of Google Play (No specific reason why. I just picked an older one as the newest one was not working for me)

Google Play Store 5.10.29 APK Download by Google Inc. - APKMirror

Then I used this version of Google Services…

I have no idea about the DPI rating on the last one or why it worked. Everything looks fine on my phone still. No quality issues what so ever

After installing I was prompted to update google services. I did through the standard google play store, and now everything works fine.

same issue here, will give it a try, thanks for posting what you found…

I downloaded the two .apk files and it worked. Thank you for this info.

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