Moto X 2nd gen green notification light blinking when plugged in and does nothing


I am facing a problem wih my MotoX 2nd gen. I think the battery is exhausted. So, now when i put my charger in, the green notification light blinks and happens nothing. The problem is I am not able to go to the Boot mode select menu now. I have tried pressing the volume down button and power button but of no use. Please help.


that green led is there to let you know your plugged in when there not enough battery left to light up the screen,

have you left it plugged in for a a hour or 2?

if using a turbo charger (or any quick charge 2.0 charger) I recommend a different charger as until there a charge on the battery the turbo charger does not want to charge (at least on my 2 Moto X 2nd Gen)

it may be the battery is toast