Moto X(2nd Gen) Language on phone appears to have changed to Indonesian


All Google Apps have all flipped from English to Indonesian. It displays Setelan which = Settings. I don’t know where to start to flip back to English.

My Gmail displays Kotak Prioritas
Gmail settings displays


It can be difficult to navigate Settings when one doesn’t read the language. If you tell us which phone you have perhaps one of us with the same model can help you with this by telling you where each option resides.

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My phone is Moto X


You should be able to open phone Settings, scroll down and tap on the Language & input or world icon. Language(s) is at the top of the menu list.



Phone settings
Riwayat Panggilan
Hapus baru

Settings Displays Setelan
Penggunaan data


As the different phones/models will provide a different user view, if you would add the phone you have (X1/2, X Pure, X4 etc) it will help you get some targeted suggestions


You don’t see a globe or world icon or symbol? You may need to scroll further down in Settings. If that fails try to find the translation for Language(s) & input, scroll down and tap that.


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Once we know which model of the Moto X you have hopefully someone with that model will tell you how far down in Settings and in each subordinate menu you have to go to find English. On the Moto X (1st gen):

Make sure you are at the top of the list.
Language & Input is the 14th heading down.
Once you select that Language is the first heating.
Once you select that English (United States) is the 9th item down.


under Sistem
then “Tentang ponsel”

Versi HW = “Version” HW = P2BF

Versi = “Version” ANDROID 5.1

Nomor = “Number” model or Number model
Moto x Generasi= “Generation” ke-2


14th heading says Kontrol Privasi or Privacy controls. Correct location?


OK, start with Settings
TAP 13th icon down (Globe) = Language & input
TAP 1st input = Language
TAP 9 language down = English (United States)


It looks like you might have a Moto X (2nd) Gen. I don’t know if the 14th one down on that is the same as on the Moto x (1st Gen)… I believe @jben is saying you count down 13 on the Moto X (2nd Gen).


OK, great! Thats seems to be it. Many thanks…


You aren’t the first one to experience this. Did you experience a rush when everything turn to English? :joy:


And if you go into the developer options (hidden) be careful they can do funny things :slight_smile:

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Its great to see English again! :grinning:

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Was there a globe or world icon? I didn’t want change my setting to check. Thanks.



Didnt see the globe.


It may look more like a volleyball to some

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Or maybe a soccer ball for the more worldly folks.


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