Moto x 2nd gen. No cell service in an area that I have had cell service previously



What phone do you have? Moto x 2nd gen.

What plan are you on? Refund 1.0

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes. Includes data.

Issue Description

I am in Hulett, Wyoming. I have no cell service. The last two years I have been here hunting and have had service. What has changed?


A couple of thoughts pop into my mind. It could be that a tower is down. If it is a Sprint tower you might find out from the local Sprint store if there is one or you can give RW support your exact location and the can interrogate the tower that serves that location. Another possibility is you are roaming in that location and the roaming situation has changed. You can try to fix that by updating the PRL in the update section of Settings.


Thanks for your response. I updated the PRL and still nothing. My brother has a RW phone with a clear choice plan and has service. Is it possible that my refund plan is going by the wayside so they’re trying to cut back service?


I’m going to assume that coverage there was roaming. Based on that, I’m sending you a DM with some advice.


Hi @rogert.dq4jda,

We are investigating a bug with one of our carrier partners where we are seeing some areas where our members on legacy phones no longer have roaming service in areas where they once did.

This is not a sneaky way to try to get you to upgrade, it is totally out of our hands, but we are pursuing a fix with the carrier partner and your example is needed, so please open a ticket, provide some info about the area that’s affected, and ask that it be investigated as part of master ticket 1461874.

If the time comes that we need to sunset the legacy plans, I am confident we will do so with straightforward communication and upgrade offers, not by sneakily cutting back coverage until our members leave us.

Tagging @Ambassadors for situational awareness.

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Thanks for your responses. I’ve opened a help ticket using the master ticket number. We’ll be leaving Wyoming on Thursday and I will monitor my cell service closely on the way back home to Michigan.


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