Moto X 2nd gen OS update?


will there ever be a new update to the Moto X 2nd gen OS? been like two years since the last?


Hi @scoob!

There may security updates/patches. However, there will not be any future OS upgrades from lollipop 5.1. I hope that helps!



All the hybrid rom legacy phones are stuck at Android 5.1 Marshmallow. All 3.0 phones are Android 6.0 Marshmallow or 7.1 Nougat. Some may even achieve Android 8.0 Oreo. I hope this helps.


disappointing … meaning we are all 'hanging out a** out with software bugs and holes.


I don’t have problems really. With Anywhere the RW system works even better.


It is not reasonable to expect a company to keep a phones operating system up to date for more than 2 years, even Google Pixel/Nexus devices are limited in this regard. Republic has been very pro-active with updates and critical bug fixes on legacy devices.

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While I agree it’s not realistic to expect Republic, Motorola and Sprint to continue the cooperative venture required to maintain the modified Android OS on Republic’s legacy phones, I respectfully disagree that it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect a manufacturer to patch critical security holes for longer than two years.

Apple does this quite well on iOS. Manufacturer’s using Android could as well.


Agreed. Security patches should always be top priority even on older devices. One of the many flaws with Android being so fragmented.

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Off:topic but somewhat related!!
Micro$oft recently pushed out an emergency Win 98 security patch. They haven’t updated Win 98 for about 4+ years but the update was so critical they had to do it with all the systems crashing around the world. These ransomware bugs are pretty strong to lock up so many business computers still running that platform.

All in all IMHO Business takes care of business!


I have never received an os update for my phone.
Manufacturer has provided one.

So this is just poor support from Republic?
If thats the case, then why would I continue to risk my security and privacy with products sold by this company?


Hi @christopherc.vkpwlp,

The Motorola website you reference is its’ English language site for India. Motorola not Republic has not and won’t be releasing Android 6 (Marshmallow) for the Moto X2 in the U.S.


Hi @christopherc.vkpwlp
Republic would push out a security release if Motorola / Lenovo would release to Republic the security info that Republic would have to check before a release to the customers. This is the way it has been since day 1 at Republic for the 1.0 & 2.0 legacy hybrid phones. All the 3.0 phones whomever the brand may be, it is up to the brand of the phone to push out the security updates. Contact the brand to find out when they will release the next security update.


That link is from Motorola and is for their Android 6.0 update for phones in India. Unfortunately the RW Moto X2 will not be updated to Android 6.0 . Actually No Moto X2 phones in the USA have been updated to Android 6.0. The phone was too old deemed by Motorola / Lenovo. Google didn’t offer an update. RW legacy phones will only be updated to Android 5.1. The complicated hybrid coding to the phone will not be coded by Motorola & RW as a combined effort. RW has switched to the 3.0 phones now that are more easily updated for you and I the customer. To say so you understand that update had no security measures in it at all anyways. It was a android 6.0 update that your and my Moto X2 RW phones can’t be updated too. We aren’t in India to benefit from that update.

ps: thanks Rolandh

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