Moto x 2nd gen phone charging slow, and not fully charging

WiFi and Cell Talk and Text and 4G Data (Moto X) (2nd Gen.)

Recently, phone takes long time to charge, then stops at 48%.

Have tried 4 different charges and 4 different cables, various combinations. The phone connector seems loose, requiring handling with care. With careful handling, the charge symbol appears in the battery icon. I have cleaned out the connector with compressed air.

What next?

given the age of the phone. and the “seems loose” IMO repair or replace…
but you could try a new cable and I do mean new, but the odds of 4 cables all bad at the same time, low %… know anyone who has a cable you could try… on the new side…
if so and it is still loose then I stand on my repair or replace…

Phone repair or a new phone would be my next step. I would lean heavily toward the new phone.


The connector might explain intermittent. What explains slow charging?


Hi @relder,

The battery lifetime for that phone is about at its end. You can try re-calibrating the battery with these steps:

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