Moto x 2nd gen storage


Needing storage help. Moto x 2nd gen said storage was low, deleted apps, deleted call history, deleted pictures and text messages and the storage has not decreased. Cleared my caches, even did the phone off method and still nothing. Is there something I’m missing? Also the “call / messaging” app seems to be the most on storage and I’m not sure how to change that - I did clear the call history and cache, but it’s still high. Thanks in advance.


Hi @kellyd.wveogs

Please open the Settings app on your phone and select Storage
How much is



Available, 1.06
Apps: 5.33 gb - With the largest being my phone/messaging storage at 622 mb
Pics / videos: 1.91 gb
Audio: 228 kb - though when I open this it says nothing is available, I have no music on my phone
Downloads: 5.42 mb
Cached data: 14.25 mb, already emptied 2 times today
Misc: 164mb


I guessing you have the 16 GB version
looking at my 32 GB version the OS looks to be taken about 8 GB (leaving me with only 24 GB (this will leave only 8 GB on the 16 GB version)

I think it just that 16 GB is not enough in today’s smartphone world, the OS is taking lots of room and the apps are getting larger

the audio is most likely the ring tones or sound effects from an app (a quarter MB is not much anyway )

the first thing I’ll do is to backup all pictures and videos from the phone and clear out those

It normal to have some MB left after clearing the cache (the OS starts putting it back as soon as it rebooted (or will not release it’s current stored when clearing though the settings))


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