Moto x 2nd gen to moto pure sim swap


I recently took my sons phone which was on republic wireless (moto pure) and removed the sim from my moto x 2nd gen which was also on republic but now it says the sim is locked and the phone does not support the sim in my area even though it worked in the moto x 2nd gen. what should I do?
What phone do you have?
moto pure
What plan are you on?
clear talk/ no data
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
talk and text only

Issue Description


Legacy phones SIMs are link to the Phone. (they are CDMA base and SIM swapping is a GSM feature)
one can get a 3.0 SIM here


Though @drm186’s answer is somewhat lacking in punctuation, his explanation was much better than mine. :sunglasses:


In addition to the correct answers you have been given I want to mention that the SIM in the X2 must stay with that phone even if you sell it to someone else so be sure to put it back where you found it.


Thank you so I will have to order a new sim?


Yes. When you order a new SIM you will receive a GSM SIM and your phone will work with T-Mobile instead of Sprint like your X2 did. If it turns out that T-Mobile’s coverage isn’t good for you then you can open a service ticket and RW will manually switch you back to Sprint. I know this sounds a bit convoluted. It is driven by Sprint’s current inability to activate over WiFi.


Good to know, thx


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