MOTO X 2nd GEN - Wi Fi Settings

Every time I turn my phone on, it usually says “Wi Fi Settings Updated”, and automatically trys to connect to networks. Does anyone know a setting where this would not happen? In other words, if I want to connect I’ll just go to Wi Fi and connect myself.

The Republic app is set up to turn WiFi back on every time it boots up, this can be a fresh power up, crash recovery, or after a force stop of the app

There no work around for this

Terrible feature then. That didn’t use to happen a few months ago.

this is something that has been dune at lease since the release of the Moto X 1st in 2013 (it may have even been done the the Beta phones (also not sure about if the 3.0 app does this))

it should only be trying to get on established Networks (you should be able to turn off scanning for networks in the Android setting and the Republic app

setting --> WiFi --> the 3 Vertical dot menu icon in the upper right --> advance

set both “Network notification” and “Scanning always available” to off

Open Republic app–>App setting(gear icon in upper right) --> WiFi Settings

uncheck the “Ask me to join WiFi networks”

PS I do agree I wish republic respected our wish of the state of the WiFi radio but they do claim to be WiFi first and at least in one point the TOS includes a statement that we where not to turn the radio off

Thanks - I tried all that and same thing happened. It isn’t even hunting for established networks, and does it every time I turn my phone on.

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